Monday, February 22, 2010

Project #1

It seems that I am one of, if not the only one that has not (much) contributed to the blog so far. A little bit of history... Even though I have been working on/with computers before most of you, were even born somehow when I try to use the blog it feels like I am talking to a machine not to people.

My apologies if they are required... maybe to the computers, I suppose.
My view of things seems to be broader, I look and see much more that what is really in front of me. I tent to misunderstand "words" or maybe as they enter my mind they get transformed, I call it "fantasy+reality" before they get to its destination (somewhere in the brain of course).
Why is it so hard for me to pick "one object that inspires me?
Very simple, they all could inspire me in one way or another, some for a split second, some longer.
I am at the point where I have to single out something or another from my very global view.

Any suggestions?

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  1. For me it helped when Hagit told me to chose the feeling I wanted to feel when I looked at my painting. So many things could have made me feel something but I just chose one and then looked at different things that inspire me and chose the one that gave me the feeling I chose. Does that make sense? It is very hard to narrow down so many options. Sorry I don't have more to help you!