Friday, March 26, 2010

From Lawrence Portie: Confused about Art

I am totally confused about Art. Mainly because I really know nothing about the history of art, and by reading text written by only one person I see it from her point of view . I see, and understand that art is actually is in the eye of the beholder. In some of these pictures I’ve seen, I see disfigured are misplaced body parts or objects that are place to represent body parts.

I see this to be more abstract, in which I see beauty in the colors and shape that are used to create the painting. The blending of the colors and the different shapes are rather interesting to me, so to agree with Steiner, beauty comes in different shapes and forms. I also see that over the years art has been used to objectify women. In most of the art I see women to be used as a commodity at first you see the women, after viewing are studying I don’t even notice her any more it almost sublime, your mind can just go any where you want to go. I find the setting, background, colors, textures and lighting could change the whole meaning of that piece of art.
I can also see where the communication of the artist can come across as a statement just by the way they place a body are the use of objects, or even the expressions on their faces. I really don’t understand all of what Stenier is saying but I have to agree that art could play a major part of the way I look at art and what it says to me. I have always looked at art for how pleasing it was on the eyes and how beautiful it was to me, I truly now see how art can be intrepid in many ways by many different viewers.
Lawrence Portie

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